UMC CRM is a free constructor of CRM and ERP systems. There are no restrictions! It is written in the popular programming language PHP and has open source code. The system is installed on a server (hosting). Since most companies have a website and a domain name, there is no problem to put a web-CRM system next to them. The system will be available to all registered users. Also, you can give access to your clients to their personal account and set access levels for all groups of system users.

If you have any questions, please call or write to +7 (950) 335-48-84 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram). I will try to answer. If you find a bug, I would be very grateful if you report it in the group VK or by phone number above. If you need additional development or implementation, contact me in any way convenient for you. The prices are reasonable!

The minimum system requirements for UMC CRM are:

  • Apache 2.4
  • mod_rewrite
  • PHP >= 7.2
  • MySQL >= 5.7
Most hosting providers have all of this by default.


The system is installed in the same way as websites.

Unpack the archive with the system distribution kit in the root folder of the domain and go to the address You will see a form for installing the CRM system.

Installing UMC CRM

Important! Check for the .htaccess file in the root directory!
Important! Use letters of the Latin alphabet ONLY in all fields of the installation form.

Database config

  • DataBase host

    Database server name, usually localhost

  • DataBase name

    The name of the database with which the previously defined database user will work. The database name is specified when it is created.

  • DataBase username

    DB username.

  • DataBase password

    DB password.

  • Prefix

    Database table prefix. Generated automatically, consists of 4 random letters and the "_" sign. If there is no need, do not change it.
    Don't use a prefix "cw_"!

  • Time zone

    Select your time zone. This is necessary to display the time correctly.

Administrator config

  • Admin username

    Administrator login. Used to log in with administrator rights.

  • Admin password

    Administrator password. Used to log in with administrator rights.

  • Repeat password

    Repeat the administrator password. The passwords must match.

UMC CRM authorization form After installation, you will be redirected to the login page. If this does not happen, go to If installation is successful, an authorization form will be displayed on the page.
Enter the administrator login and password that you specified on the UMC CRM installation page.


After authorization, you will see a completely empty system. There are no presets.
Go to Admin. panel->Settings->Basic settings. Specify the system address (, closing slash and protocol are required) and generate a system key if it has not been generated.

Let's look at setting up UMC CRM using a simple configuration as an example:
The company has an administrator (manager, owner), managers and clients. Managers sell and customers buy goods.

Creating user groups

Go to the Admin section. panel->Fields and groups. You will see a single group "admin". Don't delete it!!!
Click the "Add Group" button. A modal window with fields will open:

  • Name*

    Group name. Required field.

  • Use login and password

    When the switch is active, when creating users in this group, you will be prompted to enter a login and password. Users of this group will have access to authorization in the system.

  • Employees

    Indicates that the group contains employees of your company.

Create a UMC CRM group
Let's create a group called "Managers" and move the switches to the active position.
Let’s create the “Clients” group in the same way, but the switches will be in the NOT active position (if you don’t need to provide clients with access to your personal account).

Creating Information Fields

Next, we will create a set of fields for each group.
In the "admin" and "Managers" groups, we only need fields with name, phone number and email address.
Click the "Add Field" button. A modal window will open:

  • Name*

    Field name. Required field.

  • Group*

    Groups in which this field will be displayed. To select multiple groups, press and hold the "Ctrl" key and select the desired groups with the mouse. Required field.

  • Field type*

    Select the required field type, the list of available fields and their description below. Required field.

  • CSS styles

    Convenient if a field needs to be highlighted in color or font.

  • Required

    Is the field required?

Creating UMC CRM fields
Let's create a "Name" field.
In the name we will indicate “Name”, groups “admin” and “Managers”, field type “String”, mandatory - active position. And click the "Submit" button. A new “Name” field will appear in the selected groups. Similarly, we will create the fields “Phone number” (type: Phone) and Email (type: Email).
In the same order, we will create a set of fields for the “Clients” group:
  1. Name (type: String)
  2. Phone number (type: Telephone)
  3. Email (type: Email)
  4. Status (type: Dropdown list)
  5. Delivery address (type: Text)
  6. Order amount (type: Finance)
  7. Responsible (type: User)


Next, go to Admin. panel->Menu and click the “Create menu item” button. A modal window will open:

  • Name*

    Menu item name. Required field.

  • Item type

    Separator: the item will not be displayed as a link, used in a multi-level menu
    User list: link to the list of users of the selected group.
    Select the "User List" menu item type.

  • Parent element

    Used for multi-level menu

  • Group*

    Select the group to which the menu item should lead. Required field.

  • Fields in the list*

    Select the fields you want to appear in the group's user list. Convenient when the user has a large amount of information; it is not necessary to display all the fields in the list, the most necessary ones are enough, the rest will be available in the user’s card. Required field.

Add UMC CRM menu item

Setting access rights

Go to the Admin section. panel->Fields and groups and click on the tab opposite the "Managers" group. A modal window will open:

Everything is simple here: select the group and fields that the user of the “Managers” group can view (the “Access” column) and the fields that he can edit (the “Editing” column).
UMC CRM access rights

Next, click on the tab opposite the "Managers" group. A modal window will open:

  • User management (creation, deletion)

    The manager will be able to create and delete users in groups available to him.

  • Export access

    The group list will display a button to export all users in that group. Displayed only in available groups.

  • Chat access

    The chat module will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

  • Access to charts

    The menu item and section "Charts" will be available

Права доступа UMC CRM

That's all! Now menu items have appeared on the front of the system. There are control buttons in the upper right corner of the user group and user card.

Types of information fields

  • Line

    Single line field.

  • Text

    Multiline field.

  • Visual editor

    Visual HTML editor. Suitable for highlighting text, inserting links, etc.

  • Telephone

    Phone number in the format +7 (___) ___-__-__

  • Email

    E-mail address

  • Drop-down list

    Select field In the field parameters, items for the drop-down list are specified. Convenient for order statuses, order types, etc.

  • Date

    Date in format. Pop-up calendar for date selection

  • Date and time

    Date and time in the format hh:mm. Pop-up calendar to select date and time

  • User

    User of another group. Convenient for assigning someone responsible for an order, a performer, etc.

  • Checkbox

    Switch. Active and inactive position.

  • Finance

    A fraction with two digits after the decimal point. Used for order amounts, cost of goods, etc.

  • Numeric value

    Integer value.

Information Field Options

  • Line

    User name - The name will be displayed as a link to go to the user card.

  • Date, Date and time

    Default value - When submitting an empty field, the current date and time value will be inserted.

  • Drop-down list

    It is possible to create multiple drop-down list elements and highlight each with CSS styles.

  • User

    Group*: Select which group the users will belong to in the drop-down list
    User name construction*: Specify from which field the name will be displayed. You can specify multiple fields. The available fields of the selected group are displayed in the table below the form.


Attention! Be careful when choosing fields for the formula! PHP code contained in text fields can be EXECUTED!

Operators for formulas can be found here

To create formulas, specify unique field values ​​in curly braces and an operator. For example, you need to calculate the total cost.

There are fields "Order Amount", "Discount" and "Total Cost".
"Total cost" is equal to "Order amount" minus "Discount". Specify the formula {summazakaza} - {skidka} in the parameters of the “Total cost” field. The system itself will calculate and save the difference between the order amount and the discount in the “Total cost” field.

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